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dodgeball. its not a game, its a way of life!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
dodgeball. its not a game, its a way of life!

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Yo... [19 Jan 2005|01:39pm]

[ mood | Must hit someone with ball! ]

Hi everyone I'm Little Tyke Polecat and this is a little about me. I'm 19, 5'3", 135 lbs, and a dodgeball fanatic. To me there is no substitute for this sport. I love to watch and I love to play! When I was younger, any sport involving a ball I sucked at, until I played dodgeball for the first time and I was hooked...kinda funny since I was normally scared of having balls thrown at me...but, anywho, I used my height and my low profile to my advantage. I'd let people take each other out and avoid having balls thrown at me until I was like the final 10. THEN, I'd be all couragous and start diving after balls and making daring dodges and leaps. I still couldn't throw worth a darn, but I was at least still one of the finalists remaining. In high school, we played it once...but it was the most memorable game I played. I was pretty famous for diving on the floor for balls. But, anyways...once I transfer from Community College, I want to find a college that might have Dodgeball as an intermural sport. Wouldn't that be nice? This little man would become a tiger on the court once more! Mwahahahahaha...*clears throat*...sorry.

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yoyoyo new membar [16 Nov 2004|03:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Ok well here's my story. Me and my team of kiddies have been playing dodgeball under the team name of the "blue balls" for about 2 months now. We complete kick everyones ass in our school (just started a dodgeball club twice a week every week after school) and have even been playing some other teams around connecticut cuz we just kick that much ass. Dodgeball is my life. It is my god. I like balls.

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tsk [08 Oct 2004|11:23pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

i was very.. very disappointed that we did not play dodgeball this past weekend. you promised a game to everyone, then your "forget" balogna! maybe if all you guys werent so busy making out with eachother you might have remembered.

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ultimate [26 Sep 2004|01:05pm]

[ mood | tired ]

yes sooooo ive just recieved word that next sunday we will be playing dodgeball FINALLY again!! so great. lets see everyone there!!!
mmm hmmmmmmm

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[31 Aug 2004|09:24pm]


i miss it..
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[16 Aug 2004|09:51am]

dodgeball theme is pajamas tonite, show up in your jammys!


<3 juggy
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[16 Aug 2004|01:35am]
due to school starting and such.

new dodgeball times.

7 - ????

same days.

be there or be an idiot face.
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[13 Aug 2004|12:41pm]

hey everyone! I just joined, so heres a little look into my life. Im 17, i live in Chicago, and I love dodgeball! My group of friends and I play about two or three times a week, and we've been playing since before Dodgeball the movie came out. So thats all
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Dodge this shit biotch. [10 Aug 2004|08:23pm]

Yeah, cause like dodgeball isnt just a game, its a way of life man. You gotta live it. You got to BE the BALL.
But if you really wanted to get down to it, dodgeball is complex and has many facets, like a precious jewel, or a vagina with many folds of flesh. Each tender and giving.

But when it all comes down to it, the heat of battle, the sweating, the intensity of it all, dodgeball courses through our veins.

And no one ever updates here, so i took liberty.

Dodgeball is a lot like being a gangster, you gotta give respect to your team and show who you're with. Bloods for life.

Oh, and do heroin.
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[28 Aug 2004|01:16am]


getting ready.

stretching it out.

they will mess you up.

tyler will be missed. moment of silence.

good game.

more to come

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[28 Jul 2004|01:13am]

[ mood | horny ]

i am the wonderful and masterful TRAVIS.

i am the queen of all dodgeball.

but i wont dodge dudes balls ever.
i love guy balls and puttin em in my butt. and mouth.

expect to see this face ruling the tennis courts and dominating your grandmothers all across humble and kingwood.

i said wood.

fuck you.bitch.

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[28 Jul 2004|12:23am]

I joined even though I've played with "the regulars" only once. Because I'm a poser. Or because I wanted to make Chris happy by joining his community.
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