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Hi everyone I'm Little Tyke Polecat and this is a little about me. I'm 19, 5'3", 135 lbs, and a dodgeball fanatic. To me there is no substitute for this sport. I love to watch and I love to play! When I was younger, any sport involving a ball I sucked at, until I played dodgeball for the first time and I was hooked...kinda funny since I was normally scared of having balls thrown at me...but, anywho, I used my height and my low profile to my advantage. I'd let people take each other out and avoid having balls thrown at me until I was like the final 10. THEN, I'd be all couragous and start diving after balls and making daring dodges and leaps. I still couldn't throw worth a darn, but I was at least still one of the finalists remaining. In high school, we played it once...but it was the most memorable game I played. I was pretty famous for diving on the floor for balls. But, anyways...once I transfer from Community College, I want to find a college that might have Dodgeball as an intermural sport. Wouldn't that be nice? This little man would become a tiger on the court once more! Mwahahahahaha...*clears throat*...sorry.
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