dead_end_story (dead_end_story) wrote in dodge_the_ball,

Dodge this shit biotch.

Yeah, cause like dodgeball isnt just a game, its a way of life man. You gotta live it. You got to BE the BALL.
But if you really wanted to get down to it, dodgeball is complex and has many facets, like a precious jewel, or a vagina with many folds of flesh. Each tender and giving.

But when it all comes down to it, the heat of battle, the sweating, the intensity of it all, dodgeball courses through our veins.

And no one ever updates here, so i took liberty.

Dodgeball is a lot like being a gangster, you gotta give respect to your team and show who you're with. Bloods for life.

Oh, and do heroin.
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